Corix Water Systems Awarded Contract for Wastewater Treatment System for Dawson City

Dawson sewage plant construction starts with sod-turning
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Politicians and government bureaucrats gathered Tuesday morning in Dawson City, Yukon, to officially kick off construction of a much-needed sewage treatment plant.

The territorial government awarded Corix Water Systems of Vancouver a $25-million construction contract last week for the facility, which the government is required to build under a 2003 territorial court order.

That order was imposed after Dawson was fined for dumping raw sewage into the Yukon River.

Tuesday’s sod-turning event in Dawson was more than a symbolic gesture, government project manager Catherine Harwood told CBC News.

“With a project this size and importance, marking a significant milestone was a good idea. So we’re on the way to providing a solution to Dawson’s wastewater treatment needs and complying with the court’s expectations,” she said.

“We won’t see anything on the site for a couple of months while we start the permitting process. And then there’ll be a test hole drilled, sometime later in the summer or early in the fall, to log the stratigraphy of the ground where the deep shafts will be drilled next year.”

The wastewater treatment system calls for two deep shaft wells to be drilled 100 metres below the surface.

The new plant will be constructed in downtown Dawson City at the site of the town’s current screening plant.


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