Industry Canada : Water spells opportunity for innovative companies

During the Minister Tony Clement’s recent trip to Israel to attend WATEC ’09, he gave a speech in which he highlighted how the increasing demand for water is shaping society and the economy.  He discussed how globally, water is the third largest industry next to oil/gas and electricity and emphasized that addressing this common challenge is one that represents a huge opportunity.  

Below is an except from the Minister’s speech.  Read more:

“Consequently, understanding — and addressing — the key issues facing the world’s water and ecological systems is not simply something we should do, it is something we must do. Indeed, I believe that water will be to this century what energy was to the last — a defining global issue that will touch every nation and affect every industry, requiring all of us to replace old habits with new approaches.

It is therefore critical that we all become engaged; that we share ideas and that we recognize our common interest in addressing this common challenge. The good news — as this conference makes clear — is that we are developing the tools and technology, the processes and the programs to turn this challenge into opportunity.

The water industry is already one of the three largest industries in the world, along with oil and gas and electricity. In fact, the global market for products and services in the water industry is more than $400 billion — and that’s expected to double every five or six years.

Between 2007 and 2016, some $64 billion will be spent on desalination plants alone. And another $25 billion will be spent on advanced water reuse over the same period. Countries and companies are stepping up to provide solutions — from engineering and construction to quality analysis and design. 

For innovative companies, for farseeing countries, all of this spells opportunity.”

Source: Industry Canada


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