BI Pure Water Canada 2009 winner of WWD water & wastewater top projects


The town of Ymir, in the Regional District of Central Kootenay, British Columbia, Canada, has a community with 106 water service connections, which is expected to grow to 150 in future years. Ymir’s water had been on a permanent boil water advisory.

Due to failure to meet drinking water standards because of bacteriological contamination of the water source, Ymir decided to build a new water treatment plant.

The community financed a sustainable water treatment plant using an integrated triple bottom-line approach. This approach incorporates economic, environmental and social objectives so that each enhances the attributes of the others. Ymir’s community set aside reserve funds to match grant funding, which allowed them to maintain low user fees by not borrowing funds.

BI Pure Water Canada, Inc. was contracted to design and build the package water treatment plant. The Ymir Water Treatment Plant Project had many design subcomponents that were used to ensure that the facility was “green.” The site is located adjacent to Quartz Creek. The design team worked closely with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment to make sure that they were satisfied with the design approach. No site works were completed in the stream, and minimum riparian setbacks were established.

This project provided the town of Ymir with sustainable water infrastructure, reduced carbon footprint, energy conservation and ensured long-term financial viability.

Owner: Regional District Central Kootenay
Designers: RDCK, BI Pure Water Canada, Inc.
Contractor: BI Pure Water Canada, Inc.
Cost: $350,000
Size: 430 sq ft


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