GLV subsidiary Christ Water Technology wins two contracts worth $30 million

The Canadian Press June 29, 2010
MONTREAL – GLV’s (TSX:GLV.A) newly acquired Christ Water Technology subsidiary has been awarded two contracts totalling more than $30 million from leading semiconductor manufacturers.

One contract involves the delivery of a full waste water treatment system to a North American manufacturing facility.

The second contract relates to the supply of an extension to a previously installed ultrapure water system, including reclaim and distribution loops, to a client based in Asia.

“These two projects confirm Christ Water Technology’s leading position as a key supplier of high-purity water treatment technologies to the global semiconductor industry,” stated GLV president and CEO Richard Verreault.

The contracts demonstrate increased activity in the semiconductor business, which should improve GLV’s order backlog this year, he added.

Montreal-based GLV is a leading global provider of technological solutions used in water treatment as well as in pulp and paper production.

It has about 2,350 employees and is present in 30 countries.


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