CKF: Top ten ways to keep Canada`s fresh water clean

From: Corporate Knights Forum

Our readers wanted to know the top ten ways to keep our fresh water just that—fresh. Here they are beginning from number ten to the number one best way to keep our water clean:

10 – Don’t flush your boat’s sewage and bilge into our water.

9 – Contribute to

8 – Don’t let businesses dump chemicals into the environment.

7 – Keep drugs like Prozac, Birth Control pills, and pain killers out of our sewers.

6- Get rid of coal-fired power plants. The mercury they generate ends up in our lakes, rivers, and kids.

5 – Find out where your fresh water comes from and where your waste water goes…

4 – Use sustainable farming techniques – it pollutes less… 

3 – Protect wetlands, swamps, marshes, and streams…

2 – Don’t dump your waste paints, oil, and other chemicals down the sewer – dope!

1 – And the number one thing you can do to keep the water you drink clean? Get involved with your local politicians and make sure they understand you care. Oh, and they won’t get elected again if they don’t.


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