FilterBoxx Partners with Culligan Matrix Solutions

FilterBoxx Partners with Culligan Matrix Solutions
Manufacturing Close-Up, 29 October 2010

FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp., a primary provider of packaged water and wastewater treatment solutions, and Culligan International a global company focused on water softening and filtration solutions, announced a joint marketing agreement to supply wastewater treatment and potable drinking water systems to resource based companies throughout North America.

Bill Jones, vice president of operations and chief operating officer for FilterBoxx Water & Environmental, said: “Culligan’s market-leading brand of portable and modular potable water systems is an ideal complement to FilterBoxx’s wastewater treatment package plants. Our companies’ mutual focus on products that feature modular design and promote ease-of-use will ensure customers that require full water utility systems have access to world class components and services.” “This announcement formally recognizes a partnership that has already delivered successful solutions to several oil and gas customers in Western Canada,” said Rod McNelly, vice president of commercial and industrial sales for Culligan International. “We believe that FilterBoxx’s breadth of wastewater and drinking water treatment solutions combined with their desire to work quickly and efficiently to meet customers’ timelines is critical to expanding Culligan’s ability to deliver safe and reliable drinking water systems to the resource based marketplace across North America.” Rod adds, “The partnership allows Culligan to offer a complementary C-Series wastewater treatment system to our clients throughout North America.” Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. provides water treatment solutions to the Canadian upstream industry.

According to a release, as part of the agreement, Culligan C-Series Potable Drinking Water Systems will be installed at oil and gas drilling, mining and pipeline camp sites to deliver clean, filtered water to employees. FilterBoxx will provide a C-Series Wastewater Treatment System to complete the utility package offering.

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