CanPress: Aecon signs $25 million water treatment contract in Alberta

TORONTO – Aecon Group Inc. (TSX:ARE) says it has nabbed a $25-million contract from Bird Construction Co. to upgrade and expand its water treatment plant in Fort McMurray, Alta.
The agreement, through Aecon’s Lockerbie & Hole mechanical unit, will deliver mechanical services for the pretreatment building, as well as both raw water and filtered water transfer stations, among other facilities.
Other parts of the contract include demolition of an existing office building and construction of a new operations centre, which the Lockerbie & Hole division will provide piping for the water treatment plant and mechanical services for the new buildings, it said.
The Toronto-based construction company said work on the project has already started and is expected to be finished in spring 2012.
“This contract speaks to Aecon’s extensive experience in construction and mechanical services for the water treatment industry,” said Paul Koenderman, chief executive of Aecon’s Industrial Group.
“This major upgrade is required to service the continuously expanding residential areas of Fort McMurray and we are pleased to be doing the type of work in which we excel.”


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