Vancouver Sun: Abbotsford plunges on with P3 water plan without Mission

Abbotsford City Council will be moving forward with a P3 water project proposal for Stave Lake without the support of its partner the District of Mission despite its vote to reject the plan.

Abbotsford Mayor George Peary said council will go ahead with the vote on submitting the P3 plan for federal funding in two weeks time as it decided at its meeting Monday night.

What’s more, if Abbotsford council votes in favour of moving forward and gets the desired funding, it will undertake the $300 million project to meet future water needs independently.

“At the moment, our belief is we will carry on, and if the application is accepted [for federal funding], it’s full steam ahead,” Peary said.

“It would be an independent Abbotsford water supply project, and would not be part of the Abbotsford/Mission Water Sewer Commission (AMWSC).”

Both municipal councils – joint members of AMWSC – were considering a public private partnership (P3) to help fund a $300 million plan to use Stave Lake as a secondary source to meet future water needs in the communities.

Both councils held public hearings around the issue Monday night, but Mission council voted 4-3 against submitting the proposal to Public Private Partnerships Canada (PPP Canada) for federal funding after facing vociferous public opposition.

However, Abbotsford council voted to defer the decision to submit the project to Ottawa for two weeks until its next council meeting so it could take time to weigh public comment – all of it critical – before making a decision.

The Stave Lake P3 project includes an intake and pump station, treatment plant, new transmission mains and expansion of the Maclure Reservoir.

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One thought on “Vancouver Sun: Abbotsford plunges on with P3 water plan without Mission

  1. Something feels “fishy” , why privatization ? , why so much of money, why all information sent by city in the mail, in the news paper and on internet by city officials feel “threatening” , ” solicitating” , trying to sell their opinion very hard to all Abbotsford citizens ? I want to know what is the catch ? Why city officials are pushing the project ? What is in there for them ? Why it feels that there something very big for city officials ? Only Stave lake can not be the feasible solution, something is not right here.

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