OBJ: US Clean-tech Firm Opens Ottawa Office

An American water treatment technology firm says it plans to establish its Canadian presence by opening an Ottawa office and hiring 18 employees over the next three years.

via: Ottawa Business Journal, February 1, 2012

The local office of Koester Environmental Ltd. will be headed by Kevin Bloodworth, who was previously CEO of Ottawa-based Upcom.

“Our goal within 36 months is to expand beyond our environmental technology sales, maintenance and operation services,” Mr. Bloodworth stated.

The New York State-based firm plans to add original equipment manufacturing services to its offering.

Koester represents more than 30 manufacturers of water and wastewater treatment equipment, and handles their marketing, sales, service and maintenance in Ontario, New York and New Jersey.

The company has clients in several sectors, including first nation communities, oil and gas, mining and municipal government. Its business model takes a client from a product’s design, to systems installation and ongoing maintenance.

Before opening its Ottawa location, the company worked in Canada on a contractual basis. The company has been named a finalist for a 2012 Bootstrap Award by local business incubator Exploriem.


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