StatCan: Industrial Water Use, 2009

Statistics Canada, 5 March 2012

The three industry groups covered by the Industrial Water Survey had a total water intake of 32.3 billion cubic metres in 2009.

Thermal-electric power producers accounted for 81.6% of this intake, while manufacturers withdrew 16.9%, and mines, 1.5%.

Among manufacturers, five industries accounted for over 95% of the water intake in 2009: paper, primary metal, petroleum and coal, food, and chemical.

The three main industry groups discharged 31.3 billion cubic metres in wastewater in 2009. Thermal-electric power producers accounted for just over 82.4% of the total, manufacturing industries almost 15.6%, and mining industries, 2.0%.

These same industries recycled more than 8.6 billion cubic metres of water. The thermal-electric power producers accounted for about 48.8% of this total, manufacturing industries about 33.2%, and mining industries the remaining 17.9%.

The three groups had total water costs of $1.7 billion.

Note: The 2009 Industrial Water Survey was conducted under the umbrella of the Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators project, a joint initiative of Statistics Canada, Environment Canada and Health Canada.

The survey gathered information on the intake and discharge of water by three groups of industries: manufacturing, mining and thermal-electric generating industries. It collected information on sources of water, purposes for which the water was used, whether water was re-circulated or re-used, where the water was discharged and what treatments were used. It also collected information on water acquisition costs, treatment costs and operating and maintenance expenses related to water intake and discharge.

StatCan’s free download of Industrial Water Use, 2009 published March 2012.

Available without charge in CANSIM: tables 153-0047 to 153-0051 and 153-0067 to 153-0097.

Definitions, data sources and methods: survey number 5120.


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