sludgewatch-l: Canadian govt gearing up to repeat US mistakes

The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) has a Biosolids Group that is working to ‘harmonize’ sludge ‘biosolids’ policies across Canada.

Now that the EPA in the USA admits they were wrong to promote land application of sewage sludge over other disposal/use options the Canadian government is gearing up to repeat the US mistakes.

The “CCME Biosolids Group” propose to direct all municipal sewage sludges to agricultural lands as ‘Beneficial Use Biosolids’ and to declare as a matter of policy that all agricultural use of sewage sludge is ‘safe’ and protective of human health.

It is extraordinary that intelligent people could propose to declare sludge land application ‘safe’ and ‘protective’ with no reference to standards or limits.

Indeed why set standards for anything? Why not just declare everything from water to elevators to airplanes as ‘safe’ as a matter of policy?

If you want to be subscribed to the CCME sludge biosolids notification list you can sign yourself up here:

CCME listserv


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